Monthly Archives: April 2015

One in the hand

I like my pets warm and fuzzy, ready to curl up with you and adore you. I guess it’s why I never really appreciated lizards, birds and snakes as pets. I am not sure I will ever get having a pet that doesn’t take naps with you, but I do understand the love for a different kind of critter.

In the same way, I never understood bird watching. Really? Small tiny, feathered things that kinda, well, messed up your car, meant rewashing line-dried laundry or were killed cats and left to be cleaned up by their owners.

I confess that perhaps I was looking at birds all wrong. At our current home, where there’s a little window above the sink where I spend a lot of time and I have become intrigued by our feathered friends. Outside that window is my garden. As I gaze out at my garden, my eye often finds tiny birds hovering around our empty bird feeder, or making a home in one of the brightly painted houses I’ve hung in the trees. Soon hopefully I will see them play happily in the newly gifted bird bath.

I watch them as they move from spot to spot. I watch as they carry tiny pieces of yarn that I’ve left out for them. They are so very busy, so very busy.

Some of them I can identify. Robins. Cardinals. Bluebirds. Beyond that, I just call them finches and blackbirds. However, it makes me happy to see them, working away, creating a life, moving about as if no one is watching.

I realize as I spy on them, that I probably haven’t taken the time to watch, observe and appreciate many other things.

I’m not suggesting that we’ll adopt an iguana or cage a parakeet, but I am going to consider the fact that perhaps I have been looking at some things all wrong.