Whenever I first met her, I thought to myself that I needed to get to know that girl. I don’t know if it was the fact that I knew she was cooler than I’d ever be, that I instantly learned that she likes to make stuff or that I could just tell she was a source of inspiration.

I did get to know her and before I knew it, I had weaseled my way into a full-fledged invitation to craft at her home. Such a welcoming soul. Such a great opportunity. I leapt at the idea.

Saturday, amidst some tough family drama, I made my way to her house, where I was literally welcomed so openly that I nearly hugged every member of the family, including the sweet, doe-eyed Great Dane.

And we crafted. And we sewed. And we shared. And we talked. And she fed me, both literally and figuratively. It was just what my latent creative heart needed.

A bunting for the mantle. A rag garland for the bedroom. An intent jar.

And for a little while, all of the drama fell away and I was knee-deep in good stuff, good creative releases.

After I got home I was still swimming with ideas. I had an itch to glue my fingers together and spill paint on the floor.

The creative energy she shared with me will go a long way. The background on my phone says to surround yourself with inspiring people. Did she know she’d be one of them?

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